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We have been paving in Kingman and Mohave County for over 50 years. We know how it should be done!

Types of paving projects

We specialize in large and medium paving projects including shopping center parking lots, city and county streets and residential streets within developments.

Project preparation

Because we are highly experienced in the industry and in local codes and requirements for laying asphalt, we often collaborate with engineers, developers, and other representatives associated with the project.

Doing the job

We help determine scope, specs, and requirements of project. Survey and stake project area. Provide excavation and materials for sub-base and lay the asphalt.

Our hot mix plant

We have a state of the art computer controlled hot mix plant. Our ability to meet stringent specifications has made us the leading asphalt company in Kingman and Mohave County. Our highly experienced engineering, excavation, and paving team, along with 50 years experience, make us the only real choice for large paving projects.

Asphalt products we sell include the following
  • 3/4" cold mix A/C
  • 3/4" hot mix A/C
  • 1/2" cold mix A/C
  • 1/2" hot mix A/C

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